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Trained, certified & supported hundreds of NeuroCoaches in Africa.
Transformed & equipped thousands of individuals, teams and businesses with NeuroCoaching tools and services.
Pioneering, trusted and reputable Institute offering cutting edge tools, techniques and programs.
World-class eLearning platform.
Coaching content and services with brilliant outcomes and proven results


All our material is based on the latest research in NEUROSCIENCE.
We focus on the FUNDAMENTALS and CORE PRINCIPLES of COACHING MASTERIES as put out by the global authorities in the industry.Become part of a GREAT COMMUNITY of coachesSELF-DEVELOPMENT as a coach (as required by leading authorities)The process of LEARNING is transferred to the delegate to ensure maximum learning taking place and therefore achieving quantum results.
We have aligned ourselves with the leaders in the industry to ensure high quality ACCREDITATION.
The way forward is so easy due to the PRACTICAL nature of our courses and the TOOLS we provide you with to start immediately.

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"Exceeded my expectations- by far. It is skills and tools I can use at home and in my professional journey. In my human integrations as well as hard deliverables. I have grown both as an individual and understanding myself better as well as ignited options to explore a different professional direction in life."
Executive Manager
"I looked forward to this part of coaching. I honestly didn’t know what NLP was about but your explanation of it in the coaching masteries course made me excited and intrigued. I haven’t started coaching and now I know why. I needed NLP to push me over the edge. I feel so much more equipped. Thank you for providing me with knowledge."
"NLP has been a very valuable journey for me. I have learned so much about myself. I am so excited to see how these tools are going to change my way of thinking and speaking and how I am going to be able to influence the lives of the people that cross my path.Thank you, Kim and Nelri for the investment."
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